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About Tricord | Tricord Investment Advisors
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About Tricord


At Tricord Investment Advisors we enable our clients to expand their expectations and embrace a future that is relaxed, prosperous, and endowed with impact and influence. This experience manifests through our application of disciplined, dynamic, risk-managed investment strategies that are sensitive to the global economic rhythm and diligently optimize the balance between capital appreciation and wealth preservation.

A cord of three strands...is not easily broken.

Our Significant Perspective on Investing 


  • The best strategies are responsibly managed by dynamically reducing risk and enhancing returns.
  • There is no such thing as a perpetually good investment.
  • More risk doesn’t always mean higher returns.
  • Time in the market does not reduce risk.
  • It takes time for a good process to succeed. 


Our Significant Strategy to Maximize Effectiveness 


  • The key to long-term investment success is avoiding substantial drawdowns.
  • Exceptional performance requires concentrated exposure.
  • Changing environments require strategies that adapt and flow with both bull and bear markets.
  • A return of your money is just as important as a return on your money. 


Our Significant Sensitivity on Life, Investing and Harmony


  • “A cord of three strands is not easily broken”, because together is better.
  • Financial health is vital to a thriving resonance with others and life circumstance.
  • Discernment must be cultivated with regard to prevailing opinion and herd mentality.
  • There is too much optimism institutionally and in the media about the stock market.


It’s really quite simple, although we will admit that to believe in active, common-sense investment management does forgo the common.  But just imagine what a difference an approach that produces very effective, prudent, dynamic portfolios that empowers you and not the markets, can make in your future. It will expand it beyond all expectations—we promise.