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Podcast #17: Myth #2-You Can't Time The Market | Tricord Investment Advisors
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11 Jan Podcast #17: Myth #2-You Can’t Time The Market

Market Timing = Crystal Ball. This is how most of us view any form of active portfolio management. Why…because that’s what we’ve been told by the so-called industry experts. Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and the “Efficient Frontier” Model have serious shortcomings. These flaws can be devastating to your financial health. Listen while I offer up some alternative thinking and how that perspective evolves into a different approach to managing a portfolio.  It’s a better way to sleep well at night, build financial poise, and grow lasting wealth.









Larry McDonald

I’m Larry McDonald, President and Investment Strategist for Tricord, and I believe that these timeless words from antiquity hold true as much today as ages past, because together is always better. It’s all about helping my clients invest well and live well, so they can sleep well, and enjoy the fruits of their diligence and generously apply it to all areas of their life.