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Podcast 19: My Take on Trump | Tricord Investment Advisors
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25 Jan Podcast 19: My Take on Trump

There’s a new sheriff in town, Donald John Trump, and it appears that this will make for a lively investing environment! He’s a businessman not a politician, so you can bet the focus will be on profit not pandering. Cutting waste, creating jobs, tax reform, and promoting “America First” will have, in my opinion, a positive effect on the markets.  It won’t come without some pain, however, so staying the course, managing the risk, and keeping a finger on the pulse are the order of the day.






Larry McDonald

I’m Larry McDonald, President and Investment Strategist for Tricord, and I believe that these timeless words from antiquity hold true as much today as ages past, because together is always better. It’s all about helping my clients invest well and live well, so they can sleep well, and enjoy the fruits of their diligence and generously apply it to all areas of their life.