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Podcast #21: Myth #4-The Trend Is Your Friend | Tricord Investment Advisors
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09 Feb Podcast #21: Myth #4-The Trend Is Your Friend

How did we ever come to the conclusion that the markets were in any way our friend? It’s time to have the reality check conversation and remind ourselves that none of the concerns of the past several years have abated. Join with me as I piggyback on a podcast conversation between Chris Martenson and Grant Williams where they revisit the fact that “the emperor has no clothes”. Central Bankers and program market trading have created an environment that demands our caution, and having a strategy to navigate a down market (something we’ve almost forgotten about), is more critical than ever.







Larry McDonald

I’m Larry McDonald, President and Investment Strategist for Tricord, and I believe that these timeless words from antiquity hold true as much today as ages past, because together is always better. It’s all about helping my clients invest well and live well, so they can sleep well, and enjoy the fruits of their diligence and generously apply it to all areas of their life.