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Podcast #23: Myth #5-More Is Better | Tricord Investment Advisors
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05 Mar Podcast #23: Myth #5-More Is Better

This week I wrap up the series on investing myth busting with a look at how to keep things simple as more is not better. Many new investing sites have created the impression that dozens, or even hundreds, of choices serves you well. It doesn’t. Absent a solid, well thought out plan for your portfolio that you can stay the course with you are at the mercy of markets that take no prisoners. Keep it simple and you will stand a much better chance of getting where you want to go with the least amount of anxiety and the most amount of poise.







Larry McDonald

I’m Larry McDonald, President and Investment Strategist for Tricord, and I believe that these timeless words from antiquity hold true as much today as ages past, because together is always better. It’s all about helping my clients invest well and live well, so they can sleep well, and enjoy the fruits of their diligence and generously apply it to all areas of their life.